dualz-transparant_small.png  PSI/SI Transport stream generation

CLEVER PSI/SI generation and cycler



PSI SI metadata and EPG generation in 24x7 delivery.


Linear broadcast services require Program Specific Information/System Information (PSI/SI) as an essential part of the stream. Tuning information as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) can be generated by the Dualz “CLEVER” PSI/SI Generator. The Dualz PSI/SI Generator conforms to MPEG and DVB standards. Generated tables include PAT, PMT, TOT, TDT, CAT, BAT, NIT, SDT, EIT pf/scheduled and more, actual as well as others. Dualz PSI/SI Generator imports data from several interfaces, from file (XML) or REST API interfaces.

CLEVER PSI/SI generator prepares and 24x7 delivers your DVB transport stream metadata. Static network and transport stream setup as well as Electronic Program Guide (EPG) information. It supports interfaces for event injection via the EIT generator.

CLEVER engine and cycler are implemented in cross platform implementation, meaning that they can run in Windows or Linux environment, on-premise or in the cloud.


CLEVER in AWS cloud

Find the CLEVER instance (by Dualz Solutions) on the AWS marketplace. Launch the CLEVER instance and get up and running with only a few clicks. Pay-as-you-go license model. No additional license costs.

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CLEVER Software

CLEVER PSI/SI generation can be purchased in sw-only. The server (generation and cycler) software is in both Linux or Windows versions available. The editor (Windows only) is free.

Clever software allows to generate multiple transport streams, and generates PSI/SI data (like PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, EITpf, EITsched, TDT, TOT, etc.). Events can be entered or imported through the event interface (REST or file based xml). EPG information shall be generated in EIT tables. Setup contains multiple networks and transport streams,and the output includes other tables.

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CLEVER PSI/SI generation PRO 24x7 client/server model allows to generate or import multiple transport streams, and generates the static PSI/SI data (like PAT, PMT, SDT, NIT, BAT, CAT,etc.) for multiple output streams. Events can be entered or imported through UI or via external XML or JSON interface. Setup contains multiple networks and transport streams, EPG information and includes other tables. The server (engine and cycler) supports 24x7 generation of multiple transport streams, unlimited bandwidth in a headless environment. Can run in Linux or Windows, on-premise or cloud based. 

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Video CLEVER EPG generator


- Windows / Linux

- Client / server (headless)

- Appliance or software-only

- EIT segmentation support

- Event injection interface

- Seamless data changes

- Support for other tables

- Unlimited transport streams

- Unlimited networks 

- Unlimited output bitrate

- IP, File, ASI, RF output

- Redundancy support

- One year support included


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